Event Information

Date: Friday 5 February 2021

Venue: Virtual Event

Organiser: scottishathletics

Organiser Email: events@scottishathletics.org.uk

Level: Multi Terrain

Closing Date: Thursday 4 February 2021



5th – 8th February 2021


Entry Opens: Tuesday 19th January 2021

Entry Closes: Thursday 4th February 2021

Competition Window: 0000 Friday 5th February to 2359 Monday 8th February 2021

Submission Deadline: 1200hrs Tuesday 9th February 2021


Following the most recent Scottish Government announcement on the extension of the National Lockdown -


Athletes without access to GPS devices may name a suitable adult observer who can confirm the accuracy of the performance.




  • Registration is through the scottishathletics online club or individual portal
  • Entry is £2 for scottishathletics affiliated members.
  • Club Entries are £2 per athlete.
  • Entry is open to athletes in the U13, U15, U17, U20, Senior and Masters age groups.
  • Age groups are based on the current 2020-21 Road/Cross Country competition year.
  • Entry is open to members of scottishathletics only.






The Challenge

Aim of the Virtual hill running challenge is to climb as many vertical metres as possible in 30 minutes (U17 to Masters) and 15 mins (U13 to U15).


Runners use a slope, hill or steps in their local area and record their total vertical ascent and descent. The challenge can be completed like hill reps or as a hilly run, planning the run to have as much vertical ascent as possible in your local area.


Most runners will live in an urban environment. To reflect this, the maximum ascent for one climb should be approximately 100m and if running reps please ensure the distance travelled is far enough to register on your device to enable possible verification (200m plus for distance covered on ground should work).


The total ascent and descent should be approx. the same.


Scoring Categories

Total Climb by Individual Age and Gender

This category ranks individual athletes in each age group and gender category running the most metres in 30 minutes (U17 to Masters) and 15 mins (U13 to U15)


Total Climb by 4 Person Mixed Team – 4 x 30 min Runs (U17 to Masters) and 4 x 15 mins (U13 to U15)

This team category ranks teams of 4 athletes (from the same club, same age group; 2 male and 2 female) who covered the most metres for their club in 2 hours.


Total Climb by all Club Members (U17 to Masters)

Every extra metre counts in this total club climb category, which adds up the climbs run by all members of all ages and genders to give one club total.


Total Climb by all Club Members (U13 and U15)

Every extra metre counts in this total club climb category, which adds up the climbs run by all members of all ages and genders to give one club total.




  • Performances should be submitted online to scottishathletics by the athlete taking part and state the height climbed and descended in metres
  • Athletes must make their runs PUBLIC on their Garmin/Strava profile to allow results scrutiny.
  • For U13 and U15 athletes, due to issues with Strava and Garmin for those under 13, climb submitted by individuals or by clubs in any format will be accepted. Either via Strava/Garmin for U15s; via Strava / Garmin for U13s and U15s when borrowed from an adult household member; or climb recorded by another means.
  • Club results are calculated using combined valid runs by registered club members within the challenge timeframe.
  • In the team categories, the most metres climbed over each 30 min run by athletes from the same club will contribute to the ‘A’ team. The next best results will make up the club’s ‘B’ team, and so on to include all athletes competing. Clubs can enter as many teams as they wish.



These general rules apply to all scottishathletics Virtual Challenge events


Challenge Rules

  • Distances must be run between 00:00 on Day 1 and 23:59 on Day 4 of the challenge.
  • You may attempt the Challenge more than once, but only your final submitted result will be accepted.
  • Results must be submitted by 12:00 on Day 5 of the challenge, using the instructions on the entry page. Runs should be named ‘SA Virtual Challenge’
  • Strava or Garmin are the only apps that can be used: other running apps are not compatible with the scoring system.



  • Athletes MUST avoid popular running/walking routes or busy parks.
  • Be considerate to other people by keeping a 2m (minimum) distance at all times when passing in public.
  • Do not drive somewhere to run unless absolutely necessary – stay close to home or your usual training venue.
  • ALL runs must start and finish at around the same point (max 1km difference) – either lapped or out and back.

o Para Wheelchair or Race Runner athletes may submit Point to Point results.  P2P results with a net elevation loss of more than 10m will be subject to a 10sec penalty per 10m of loss.

  • Lapped off-track courses must not include laps of less than 1km.
  • Runs completed on a certified synthetic running track are admissible with the provision that they are:

a) supervised by a UKA Licenced Coach

b) backed up by suitable GPS data showing full completion of the challenge distance as measured on the track (number of completed laps)

  • Club group runs organised and supervised by a UKA qualified coach are acceptable for results purposes.


All current government guidelines regarding physical distancing must be strictly adhered to. Any changes to government guidelines will be implemented immediately.



  • Due to occasional discrepancies in the way Strava/Garmin calculate total ascent, the total ascent may be subject to verification via OS map evidence where the scrutineers spot a potential error. If the error is found to be greater than 10% then the total ascent may be manually corrected (this may increase or decrease the figure submitted). Athletes can submit a note of the rep start altitude, finish altitude and number of reps to assist the verification process if they so wish.




Challenge Rules
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