Event Information

Date: Saturday 1 May 2021

Venue: Virtual Event

Organiser: scottishathletics

Organiser Email: events@scottishathletics.org.uk

Level: Virtual


The latest edition of the Virtual SUPERteams Challenge will take place throughout May 2021, with clubs able to offer the four events making up the Challenge as either another at-home competition opportunity; a training session-based competition where athletes complete the four challenges together during club training nights; or even as a club-hosted SUPERteams event where athletes can complete all four elements head-to-head on the same day in a traditional competition format.


The Challenge is open to athletes in the U12 age group this time around, and will follow a similar format to previous Virtual SUPERteams Challenges with intra-club leaderboards for individuals feeding into national team results. Clubs can update their leaderboards at any time throughout the month, with all final results to be submitted by Tuesday 1st June 2021. The virtual event may also act as a qualifier for the National SUPERteams event planned for June 2021 - details to follow.

The events making up the Virtual SUPERteams Challenge have also been refreshed as we move towards a return outdoor group training in our usual facilities. Events featured are: 75m (sprint), overhead throw (throw), long jump OR standing long jump (jump) and 600m (endurance). Each event can also be adapted suit athletes of all abilities.


Clubs can register now and throughout May to take part in Virtual SUPERteams. Once again, there is no charge to clubs to take part in this virtual event, but all athletes registering scores on the national leaderboard must be up to date scottishathletics members on the final day of the challenge in order to feature in the final results.


More information about taking part in the Virtual SUPERteams Challenge, or about hosting an event at your club, can be found on the dedicated fixture listing on our website here:







Virtual SUPERteams Challenge 3 Rules