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Date: Saturday 1 May 2021

Venue: Virtual Event

Organiser: scottishathletics Ltd

Organiser Email: events@scottishathletics.org.uk

Level: Virtual



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The Together-Apart format aims to allow athletes and clubs to compete locally whilst travel restrictions or other factors may prevent them from attending a singular national event or even district events across different local authority areas. Athletes will see their results on a district or national leaderboard alongside other athletes from other Scottish clubs, and clubs taking part will be supported with planning and delivering events at their local facilities. The Together-Apart approach will replace the District Championships and National Outdoor Open for 2021 while travel restrictions are likely to prevent a number of athletes from attending large events, and allow athletes to open their Summer seasons locally in May 2021.


The Together-Apart Series will run for a full month from Saturday 1st – Monday 31st May 2021 inclusive. Clubs may host their event(s) during any week of the series' duration, but all results must be submitted by the Tuesday of the week following the event to be uploaded in that week's results (ie. results from 8th May will be submitted by 12 noon on Tuesday 11th May).


Clubs may offer any events suited to their membership and facilities as part of the Together-Apart Districts, and can offer them as often as they wish throughout the month. Events that will be included in the Together-Apart Districts are:


Track:    Sprint Hurdles (as appropriate to age group), 100m, 200m, 300m or 300mH (U15 + U17W), 400m or 400mH (U17M, U20 +Sen), 800m, 1500m, 3000m

Field: Long Jump, High Jump, Triple Jump, Pole Vault, Shot Put, Javelin, Discus, Hammer

U11: 75m, 600m, long jump, overhead throw (Virtual SUPERteams Challenge)


The Together-Apart Districts is open to athletes within the U13 age group and above, and athletes must be 9 years old+ on the day of their competition to take part. Age groups will be determined by UKA age group dates for the 2020-21 Track and Field competition year. Masters will compete as Seniors, as is usual in the District Championships and National Open.


District leaderboards will display results for athletes in the U13, U15 and U17 age groups. U20 and Senior results will be added to a national leaderboard.



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