Event Information

Date: Saturday 1 October 2022

Venue: Mossilee Farm

Organiser: scottishathletics

Organiser Email: events@scottishathletics.org.uk

Level: Standard

Closing Date: Thursday 15 September 2022


Entries closed at 5pm on Thursday 15th September. All entries should be submitted through the Club Portal. No late entries will be accepted.


Clubs are asked to enter a pool of athletes at the entries stage, with final teams to declared from the entered list of athletes on the day. Please ensure that you include any reserves in your entries list, as additional athletes cannot be added after the closing date.


University clubs only: as this closing date is very close to the beginning of the semester for most Scottish universities, provided university clubs enter the number of teams they will require before this closing date, athlete names can be submitted up to 5pm on Thursday 22nd September. All other clubs must ensure that full entries are submitted before the 15th September deadline.


All athletes must compete for their first claim (Scottish) club or their school/university club (if affiliated). An athlete may only be entered for one club online, but anyone wishing to appear on the entries list for both their club and their school/university club should e-mail us on events@scottishathletics.org.uk to be added to their second club’s entries.

Athletes who compete in a 
scottishathletics championship MUST be current members of scottishathletics on the day of the race. Team managers will not be able to enter athletes without a valid membership online, so it is important that membership validity is checked well in advance of the closing date.
There will be no entry extensions for membership renewals.


Masters Update for 2022

In order to make the declarations process as simple as possible for Team Managers on the day, and to help officials and fellow athletes to more-easily identify Masters teams, clubs are now required to enter Masters teams separate from Senior teams. In other words, all Masters teams must be entered in advance as Masters teams: a team cannot become a Masters team on the day of the event. Any Masters-aged athlete entered in a Masters team pool will also be automatically added to club’s athlete pool for younger teams.


How to Enter

  1. Log into the club portal
  2. Select the fixture from the fixture calendar tile
  3. Click link to add a new entry
  4. Select the Championship Race to enter
  5. Select the number of teams to enter from the drop down list.
  6. Select all eligible members
  7. 'Click HERE to add a new entry...' link
  8. Repeat steps 4 to 8
  9. Add booking to basket
  10. Follow instructions to complete checkout

Please do not leave teams/athletes in your basket - you must proceed through the checkout to complete the booking process. Your entry will not be saved to return to later.

To add additional athletes to a pool later without adding additional teams, repeat the above process as a new booking but do not change the number of teams entered. Any additional eligible athletes will be listed for selection.


Competition Information

Teams in the Young Female and Young Male 3-lap races should be made up of athletes from different age groups as follows:

  • Lap 1 – U13
  • Lap 2 – U13 or U15
  • Lap 3 – U15 or U17


Teams in the Sen/Jun races will be made up of athletes from the U20, Senior or Masters age groups:

  • Sen/Jun Women will run 3 legs. Masters will run 3 legs.
  • Sen/Jun and Masters Men will run 4 legs.


Details of age group dates for the 2022-23 competition year can be found on our website here.




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