Event Information

Date: Saturday 1 June 2024

Venue: Inverness Sports Centre

Organiser: Inverness Harriers AAC

Organiser Email: secretary@invernessharriers.org.uk

Level: Basic

Closing Date: Thursday 23 May 2024


 Clubs wishing to take part in the 2024 National SUPERteams Final must earn their place by qualifying through a Regional Heat.


Heat 1 – Saughton – Sunday 14 April

Heat 2 – Inverclyde – Saturday 4 May

Heat 3 - Pitreavie – Sunday 26 May

Heat 4 – Inverness - Saturday 1 June

Heat 5 - Springburn - Sunday 2 June


Please note, all athletes taking part in the National Final must hold an up to date scottishathletics membership. If an athlete’s membership has expired, or is set to expire before the date of the competition, they must renew their membership in advance of the event. Clubs can also renew memberships on behalf of their members via the club portal’s ‘Athlete List’ if they wish.

Regional Heats are open to club members who are not members of scottishathletics.

Club Representation

  • Any scottishathletics athlete who is a member of more than one Scottish Club can choose which club they intend to represent in SUPERteams. This must be confirmed at the point of entry through the initial entry form. This is regardless of their membership status with each club (ie. 1st/2nd claim).
  • Athletes must represent the same club in the Final as they did in the Regional Heat, and cannot represent more than one club across the whole competition.


Age Groups
Under 12: Born between 1 January 2013 - 22 June 2015

Athletes must be at least 9 years old on the day of the event to participate in a SUPERteams team, and under 12 on 31st December.


Some Regional Heats may accept entries from athletes in the U10 or U14 age groups. Check with the host club before entering. These athletes will not be eligible to qualify for the National Final.

Other Information
All entrants, either by Team Manager or Individually are asked to confirm agreement to the following conditions:

  • Permission that photographs may be taken and used for PR/Marketing purposes.
  • Permission for doping control tests to be carried out in accordance with the set procedures and regulations concerning such testing: https://www.ukad.org.uk/anti-doping-rules
  • Entered athletes are medically fit to compete, have no medical issues or disability that would endanger themselves or others by taking part and will not compete unless fit to do so on the day.

Exceptions to these conditions must be communicated to events@scottishathletics.org.uk following the entry. scottishathletics reserves the right to review and amend Terms & Conditions without prior notice or consultation.