Event Information

Date: Friday 17 July 2020

Venue: Virtual Challenges

Organiser: scottishathletics

Organiser Email: events@scottishathletics.org.uk

Level: Virtual

Closing Date: Thursday 16 July 2020


4J Studios Scottishathletics Virtual Power Quad


Entries Open: Wednesday 1st July 2020

Entries Close: Thursday 16th July 2020 (Midnight)

Competition Window Opens: 0000hrs Friday 17th July 2020

Competition Window Closes: 2359hrs Monday 20th July 2020

Submission of Results by 1200hrs Tuesday 21st July






Virtual POWER QUAD events

The four events making up the Virtual Power Quad Challenge are:

1. Standing Long Jump

2. Three Jumps

3. 30m Sprint

4. Overhead Throw


Athletes can make as many attempts as they wish before the competition window but may only submit performances achieved during the competition window.



Registration is through the scottishathletics online club or individual portal

Entry is FREE to scottishathletics affiliated members; alternatively, athletes may choose to donate £2 to ongoing admin costs.

Club Entries are FREE or £2 per athlete to a limit of £15 per age group.

Non-member entry is £5 per athlete or £7 to include a donation.


Entry is open to athletes in the U17, U20, Senior and Masters age groups. Age groups are based on the current 2019-20 Track & field Competition year.

Younger athletes should register for the Virtual SUPERteams Challenge through their club.


Event Details

The Virtual Power Quad Challenge is a combined event of four individual challenges to test an athlete’s explosive power. The challenge events should be attempted consecutively, and the full Power Quad should be completed in approximately 60 minutes.

Athletes taking part will be able to submit their performances to the live online leaderboards that pit sprinters, throwers, jumpers and endurance athletes against one another within their event group. As well as the best combined score over the full Power Quad, individual rankings for each of the four challenge events will also be available.

For Technical guidelines on the event please download the Power Quad Technical Guidelines Document



· Performances should be submitted online to scottishathletics by the athlete taking part.

· Collate your results from each of the four events within the Power Quad Challenge.

· Submit the performances through the google form (link available via the scottishathletics fixture page.)

· When Submitting performances:

o   Double-check your membership number, via the Open Track fixture.

o   Complete the online form and submit

· Each event will be scored individually, and also combined to produce an overall Power Quad score.

· Results will be published on the OpenTrack live leaderboards during the challenge and final results on the scottishathletics website.

· The scottishathletics Events Team will be able to access the individual results you upload for scoring. You do not need to submit another copy of the results for the combined scores to be calculated.




Technical Guidelines