Event Information

Date: Monday 13 July 2020

Venue: Virtual Event

Organiser: scottishathletics

Organiser Email: events@scottishathletics.org.uk

Level: Virtual Run


The 4J Studios scottishathletics Virtual SUPERteams Challenge is back for round 2 - with new age groups, new events and a new timescale to keep your athletes training, competing and representing their club during this unusual Summer season.


The scottishathletics Under 12 SUPERteams event is an extremely popular fixture in the annual competition calendar, and we were delighted by the response to the first Virtual SUPERteams Challenge held across May and  June. Whilst traditional track and field events are still currently unable to take place, July will see the second Virtual SUPERteams Challenge offering a home-based competition opportunity for club athletes within the U11, U13 and U15 age groups.


The second Virtual SUPERteams Challenge will be delivered by clubs, with team managers, coaches and club volunteers handling athlete registration, results and scoring in a club-based competition held over a two-week period. As in the traditional SUPERteams format, all athletes would be expected to complete all four events that make up the SUPERteams competition (two per week in Virtual SUPERteams II), and points will be awarded based on these performances.


At the end of the four weeks, club results will be available on the National SUPERteams leaderboard, co-ordinated by scottishathletics. At this point, the top four club results in each gender will make up its ‘A’ teams, the next four the club’s ‘B’ teams, and so on. The scottishathletics Events team will calculate team scores to produce a national team result, making this both an individual challenge between club members, as well as a national team challenge between clubs all over Scotland.


When will the Challenge take place?


Sprints and Throws - Week 1 – Monday 13th – Sunday 19th July

Jumps and Endurance - Week 2 – Monday 20th – Sunday 26th July


Please note: the events in each discipline differ slightly to those completed in the first Virtual SUPERteams, so registered clubs should check their club guides for details


Who can take part?


Athletes must be under 11, under 13 or under 15 on 31st August 2020 and at least 9 years old on the final competing day of the Challenge: date of birth between 01/09/2005 – 14/06/2011.


All athletes must also be up-to-date members of scottishathletics on 26th July 2020. Athletes will not be able to contribute to a team score if their scottishathletics membership is not valid on this date, but can still compete within their club competition individually.


How do I sign up?

Clubs should register online through the link below. Once a club has registered, they will receive a guide to delivering the event including step by step instructions for athletes on how to carry out each event safely; information on scoring; and advice on delivering the event within the club. Clubs will run their own registration process, so young athletes and their parents should look out for information from your specific club on how to sign up for your club’s team.


Clubs had until the beginning of Week 1 (Monday 13th July) to register. Athletes wishing to take part should contact their coach or team manager for information on how to join their club's team.



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